Conquering Arthritis

by Barbara Allen

Barbara Allen was a client of mine when she was recovering from debilitating arthritis.  When Barbara was 25 years old, she contracted dysentery caused by the Shigella bacterium. Six weeks later she developed reactive arthritis that left her in such severe pain that she could barely eat, walk and was in an electric wheel chair. For almost 5 long years she tried conventional treatment but she continued to decline.  Knowing she didn’t want to live in pain or from a wheel chair, Barbara threw herself into researching how to heal herself.

By addressing food allergies and environmental toxins, Barbara began to feel better and started to walk again.  She incorporated alternative and complementary medicine into her journey (that is how I met her) and is now pain-free and riding her bike in 30-50 mile jaunts.  Her Best Selling book, Conquering Arthritis gives the reader a detailed account of how to heal our own immune system.  It is a must read for those with chronic pain or chronic GI issues.

Conquering Arthritis

Conquering Arthritis is very extensive and includes various case histories (including her own).  The book also identifies problematic foods, tests to identify food sensitivities, the benefits of fasting, exercising, helpful supplements, complementary medicine, the mind-body connection, releasing residual pain and much, much more. The book contains numerous, extensive lists on hidden allergens. For example, if you are sensitive to gluten, having any type of thickened soup (such as clam chowder or bisque) can set off a reaction.

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