About Us

sharon_photoThis Inspirational and Motivational Blog launched in 2013 because Sharon Hepburn has used these same stories repeatedly with her own clients and course participants.  Noticing a theme in the self-help world, she has decided to bring time-tested wisdom to you.

Sharon Hepburn, a physical therapist and massage therapist,  formed the Inner Connection in 1999. Finding ways to advance on the journey through physical, emotional, and spiritual healing is one of the missions of The Inner Connection, INC.

The Inner Connection is based on the premises that everyone has the inherent ability to heal him or herself but at times, they need assistance and support. That is why having another person along in the journey can be transformational.

The information and lessons presented here stems from study of Unifield Therapy as Sharon integrates and transcends it with other modalities.  These modalities include (but are not exclusive of)  CranioSacral therapy, somato-emotional release, myofascial release, muscle energy, reiki, positional release, lymphatic drainage and many other western and eastern means of supporting the body so that an entirely different way of support, expression, and healing can be offered.