Achieving Your Goals

Motivational, Inspirational, & Holistic

Motivational, Inspirational, & Holistic

Achieving Your Goals!

If you already have everything you want in life, than you can disregard this post.  For those of us who still have goals and sometimes struggle to set and meet them, we are in good company.

It never fails, whenever I  am giving a lecture a participant always raises their hand and proclaims that they just can’t do X, Y, or Z.  The participants always have very valid reasons why they are not not accomplishing their goals.  These reasons range from not enough time, to not enough education, or maybe not enough support.  What I try to teach them is this:  that attitude is actually self defeating.  What you need to do is make a game plan and stick to it.

Now the type “A” personality in the rooms have a field day with this.  They write out their goal and then get lost in all the points of how


Learn to set your goals and accomplish them!

to get there.  They are so focused on the process they loose focus on the actual goal.  Then, when the process becomes too arduous they look at me with proof positive as to say, “see, I can’t accomplish this!”  This self defeating attitude is simply a NO GO in my book and I have started to employ strategies from motivational coaches around the world.  So, hold onto your seat, you are going to learn how to achieve you goal!

Steps to Achieving Your Goals

Weather your goal is to compete at a competitive level or to learn to be present in the moment, the steps are the same.  They are:

  1.   Set your  Goal:  No matter how far out of reach it seams.  Whether is is loosing weight or going on a special trip.                       “This one step – choosing a goal and sticking to it – changes everything.” Scott Reed
  2.  Work backwards from that goal:  It is like a plane flight, if we got caught up in the packing for the flight we’d never make it to the airport.  The Goal is the flight, not the packing which is merely a process to get you there.
  3.   Pick 3-4 process you must do to reach your goal:  Sticking with the above flight example.  Working backwards you need to 1)  chose a destination, 2) purchase a flight there, 3) pack, 4) find a way to the airport
  4. Write it down.  It is amazing how our brain attempts to sabotage us and make the goal so much easier to attain.  If it is written down, you can easily check off on the process
  5.  Be accountable to your list.  If there is a process not being done, ask your self if it is truly necessary…it truly just may be a hurdle.  Try a different process.
  6.  Be accountable to yourself.  Be honest with yourself and quit blaming others and the situation for your lack of achieving.  It is fine to stumble along the way but then be honest and recommit to the goal.
  7.  Take responsibility and figure out what YOU CAN DO to achieve YOUR PERSONAL GOAL!

“Until input (thought) is linked to a goal (purpose) there can be no intelligent accomplishment.”
Paul G. Thomas

All of my blogs are based on looking at our attitudes and beliefs, go back and look at them to explore some limitting belief systems that affect you from achieving your goal.   (click here)
With warm regards,

Sharon K. Hepburn

The Inner Connection

Achieving Your Goal is Fullfilling


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