Acupuncture for Radiant Health

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Acupuncture For Radiant Health

By: Lori Unrau L.Ac.

Lori Unrau is an acupuncturist I personally see and to whom I also refer clients to.  I am so excited to feature a blog written by her about the benefits of acupuncture.  Straight from Lori’s desk…

I am often asked in my practice, “How does Chinese Medicine work”, forcing me to slow

down and switch gears into Western thought and speech to come up with a clear

answer for each individual asking the question. That is how it works, individually. Just

like there is a slightly different way to phrase my personal description of how Chinese

Medicine works, there is a customized approach to each and every individual who walks

through the door. There is no “one” way to treat a migraine headache, sciatic pain, sore

throat or anxiety that works the same for each and every individual.

What you can expect when you come to our office?  First, you will receive a somewhat lengthy

questionnaire asking your medical history, but you will be able to  fill that form out in a calm, soothing environment in which to wait

in, and finally, you will be treated with respect and kindness from the moment you call and make the

appointment until the time your visit is ended.

Acupuncture can help relieve stress and migraines

The first appointment usually lasts about an hour in which you will experience the

Chinese Methods of Observation: Tongue and pulse diagnosis, questioning, palpation/

acupressure and general observation. From there, if needling is indicated, points will be

chosen based on the conclusions from my observations and treatment begins. The

needles we use are virtually painless and always sterile, used only once. Often, but not

always, Chinese herbs may be prescribed to facilitate acupuncture and compliment the

treatment. Nutrition is considered and possible suggestions made along with other

lifestyle coaching.  All of this is encompasses Chinese Medicine.

What to expect when receiving Acupuncture for Radiant Health:

I don’t simply treat an individual’s external symptoms, but look at

the entire person and try and recreate “radiant” health from the inside out which can last

the rest of your life. In my personal practice, I incorporate Asian bodywork techniques

and exercises as well. I use Shiatsu and other acupressure techniques to affect change

as well as aide in my diagnosis. If the patient needs assistance with relaxation I may

teach them certain techniques or physical exercises called Qi Gong, (Chee Gong) to

use on their own. My patients are successful if they are willing participant in their own

health and healing.

Acupuncture can treat both chronic and mildly acute conditions, which include:

• chronic pain

• viruses

• low grade infections

• injuries like sprains and back spasms

• headaches

• digestive disorders

• common cold

• upper respiratory infections

• sore throat

• allergies

• pain

• arthritis

• chronic fatigue and other autoimmune disorders

• depression

• anxiety

• pediatric issues from colic to ADD

• menstrual issues

• menopausal symptoms, and

• fertility, and much more.

Acupuncture is a 5,000 year old medicine that is proven effective. However, lasting

health depends on the individual, and can be a DAILY practice. To achieve improved

health you cannot look outside yourself. Healing is a two way street with both

practitioner and patient fully present and engaged. A sincere motivation to be well and

believing in your caregiver is the first step toward radiant health.

Thank you, Lori, for a wonderful post and helpful insights into acupuncture!

To contact Lori or make an appointment with her call:  Acupuncture St. Louis and Wellness Center:  314-918-1555

Lori Unrau L.Ac., Acupuncture for Radiant Health

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