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Intentional Living, Mindful Living

Intentional Living, Mindful Living

Since I started this blog, I have received numerous emails.  I have responded to these emails personally but thought other readers may have similar questions.  Following is a sampling of questions with my responses.  If you have a question you’d like to see in a similar forum, please email me at sharon@theinnerconnection.net

Is this really Intentional Living?

Dear Sharon:

I read your book, Mothering…Your Inner Connection:  A Handbook for Intentional Living.  Days after reading your book, I stumbled across this blog entitled:  Motherhood, The Big, Fat @#$% You!  It is a blog in which a mother proclaims her children are brats, she receives no respect, and she is simply emotionally exhausted.  What is your take on it?  ~Offended in AZ

Dear Offended:

 Being a mother can be emotionally draining if you are not present for the experience.   That is why I strongly advocate finding your own connection!  In the blog you sited, the author is not living mindfully or living intentionally.  At least in that particular moment she isn’t, as she writes about going ballistic on her children.  I would recommend that she slow down put aside the daily grind, and spend time with her children.    It takes EFFORT and TIME to bring up well behaved children.  In addition, as parents we must be consistent and persistent in our parenting.  Otherwise, everyone suffers.  Intentional Living is about   how you can weave mindful living and discipline together for a grounded child and a more connected you.  Additional ideas can be found in my book , Mothering…Your Inner Connection:  A Handbook for Intentional Living. 


Dear Sharon:

I read the “HARNESS THE POWER OF YOU” blog posts.  I am a severely depressed and anxious middle-age female.  I can NOT think of one positive thing about my life or my marriage.  I have tried a variety of natural “pick me ups” but I continue to dread life and its responsibilities.  When I attempt to write down any positive aspect of my life, my sheet of paper is filled with everything that is wrong with my life.   What other options can you give me?  ~Unhappy in MO

Dear Unhappy,

One’s mental health will directly impact your ability to practice mindful living…   Give yourself permission to seek professional help.  Find a good psychologist and/or psychiatrist.   Many of my clients have partnered up with mental health professionals in addition to continuing their therapy sessions with me.    Talk therapy, mindfulness practices, or positive psychology can be very beneficial.  Sometimes our brain chemistry just needs a little boost to get over the hump.  A psychologist can facilitate this by helping you look at thoughts habits and patterns you may be perpetuating.  A psychiatrist may give you medicine to elicit a change in your brain chemistry.  As your brain chemistry changes it’ll be easier to be in the present moment and experience living intentionally.  To seek a professional in your area, do a Google Search on “Mental Health Professionals of (your city or geographic area)”.

What is Body-Mind Therapy?

Dear Sharon:

I am curious about what exactly you do.   Can you explain body-mind therapy?  ~ Unsure in IL

Dear Unsure:

Body-Mind Therapy operates from the premise that the body, mind, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of health are all inter-related.  The belief is that as one aspect of the system changes, that shift can affect other aspects of this highly integrated system.  In the course of a treatment session, it is common for clients to begin talking about aspects of their emotional/mental health.  Clients are regularly referred to me by mental health professionals who feel a client of theirs could benefit from some attention to how the issues they are facing are “stored” or “trapped” in the body, and need to find a way to be released. Click on this link to see all treatment techniques I can use during a body-mind session.  Many clients have found increased understanding and further healing using these techniques. 



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