Benefits of Mindfulness

Does Mindfulness Work?

 I often use Mindfulness as homework with clients as a tool to decrease pain and anxiety.  As one becomes more aware of their environment the sympathetic nervous system decreases its output. (Click here to read full explanation of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system)

 As the sympathetic nervous system is turned off, pain often decreases and anxiety diminishes!  Clients are simply amazed at the benefits of these simple techniques

Two questions clients often ask are, “What exactly is Mindfulness?”  and “Are there any benefits to being Mindful?”  These questions are answered on the following videos made about Mindfulness

What is Mindfulness

A simple definition of mindfulness is merely “intentional awareness”.  You become aware in the moment.  For example, what does your food taste like?  What is the texture of the object you are holding?  How do you feel in a hug?  When you are angry or upset, what part of your body do you notice it?  Did I pique your interest?  For further information watch this video.


Benefits of Mindfulness

There is so much research showing the neurochemical changes of the brain during and after short periods of mindfulness. Research has also proven significant improvement in the functioning of the immune in those who practice short periods (like 2 minutes) a few times per day.  Numerous articles also extol the virtues for children which include increased awareness, increased compassion and increased executive function (decision making).  You all know that mindfulness also reduces stress and increases happiness.  Would you like to learn more?  Click on the video for a short clip about the benefits of Mindfulness


What Mindfulness Is NOT

Mindfulness is NOT about being happy all the time.  Mindfulness can include becoming aware when you are angry or sad.  When you recognize your anger or sadness, it may lead to more awareness of what creates happy moments.  Mindfulness is NOT being quiet.  You can be mindful when you are dancing or during the hectic pre-dinner rush many parents experience.  Mindfulness is NOT  about being holy or spiritual.

If you would like to learn more about mindfulness, I would LOVE to have you in my course on February 22, 2015.  Come and learn easy tools to use throughout your entire life!  Learn more about the class click here