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Bye-Bye Back Pain

A Decade of Chronic Pain

AL (identity has been changed) is a middle age male who has been in chronic pain for over a decade. His low back started hurting after lifting a heavy box about 13 years ago. After trying conventional therapy and pain relievers, AL consented to his first low back surgery.  That was 13 years ago.

Seven back surgeries later including a couple of laminectomies, a fusion, and cages~ AL is still in excruciating pain.

Can Low Back Pain be Relieved?

Can Low Back Pain be Relieved?

He has seen world class orthopedic surgeons, neurologists, and pain specialists across the country.  He was finally referred to me because of my reputation of treating and relieving the suffering of those who are experiencing chronic pain.

At our initial session, Al sat across from me with tears in his eyes as he shared all of this information. He was tired of being in pain, he was tired of not being able to do the things he wanted to do, and he was tired of being depressed.  Honestly, he was just plain tired!

Back Pain No Match for CranioSacral Therapy

Al was a model patient and was very open to the body- mind connection, CranioSacral Therapy, and incorporating mindfulness into his home life. After he came back from his first session he tentatively stated his first session did not make him worse. This was somewhat positive because all other treatments he previously received actually worsened his condition. At the second treatment, I encouraged him to see a trusted local acupuncturist.  As the tissues in his back began to release during this second session, AL had an enormous emotional release. He left treatment feeling lighter in spirit but not noticing any physical change.

By the third treatment, AL came in smiling. This was the best he has felt in years. He noted he was still in pain but also states he is able to squat, roll, and do the light household chores without increasing his pain.  A few sessions later, a few emotional releases later, a couple of acupuncture treatments later, much tissue releasing, bone realignment, and nervous system integration; Al stated his pain which was once a 12 /10  and brought tears to his eyes is now a very manageable 3/ 10 without any pain medication.

Bye-Bye Back Pain

What helped Alf? Was it the mindfulness exercises at home? Was it the CranioSacral therapy? Was it the emotional releases? Was it the acupuncture? Al is not sure but he truly does not care as he is feeling better.  Al’s depression has lessened and his back pain has decreased.  Al made a decision to continue to with me to fine tune some of the changes he has experienced.

Do you know someone in chronic pain who has been dealing with it for years? Forward them this post and maybe they can find somebody in their area who could help them like I was able to help Al.  Check out this website if  you or someone you know suffer from chronic or emotional pain.