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Becoming Your Best Self


Of course, on the road to living mindfully, you want to be your best self.  Who wouldn’t?  But, do YOU  do what it takes to become your best self?  Research has shown time and time again, it is NOT about our knowledge base but our INACTION which keeps us stagnant.  Our fear of moving into the unknown is greater than staying the same.  Your Best Self is locked inside you  because you are afraid of what society would say.  We are afraid  to look silly.  We are afraid of failure.  You are afraid to share your best self!  It is time to embrace the fear.


Embracing Fear


How can we stop all the negative self talk?  How can we become our best selves?  It is actually pretty simple.  Here are a few easy steps to embracing the fear and become the person who is locked up inside!


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Embracing Fear:  Showing Up  (Photo credit: The Happy Rower)


Show up for the Race:  Yes, you actually have to make a commitment to want to change.  Many people want the world to change.  People want their spouses to be nicer, work to be easier, and life to be gentler but won’t invest any time into making personal changes themselves.  It is time to shake a leg and SHOW UP for the race of life.  You don’t have to be proficient at self-help.  Simply SHOW UP and make a commitment to become your best self!


Be Honest:  Sounds Easy but it is actually pretty difficult.  Oh sure, people can be honest about how crappy the world is…or honest about how bad they feel.  What we need to start being honest about is OUR ROLE in our own life.  Be honest about the ROLE we play in our belief systems and the mess created before us called life.  Be honest about unlocking your best self and how scary that truly may feel.


Take Action:  As I said early, it is not knowledge that stops us from moving forward, it is the INACTION, the fear of moving forward.  If you never take a step, you will never move!  Oh, I know, you are afraid of moving in the wrong direction or afraid of moving into uncharted territory.  My question to you is, do you want to stay exactly where you are at getting exactly what you’ve been getting or do you want to embrace the fear and move to change your paradigm?


Embrace Fear:  Fear and Excitement have the same physiological responses.  These physical manifestation include sweaty palms, increase heart rate, and a nervous stomach.  While embracing fear, realize you are afraid of the unknown then use that fear to move.  As you move, become excited about the uncovering of your best self and excited about the commitment you are making to

Intentional Living, Mindful Living

Intentional Living, Mindful Living

showing up to the race called life.


Finding My True Self


When you show up for the race, when you stop blaming others and take responsibility for your life, when you realize fear can be

your biggest motivator; then you can become your best self.  Remember over thinking leads to INACTION.  You already have the knowledge and the know how to become your best self…time to take ACTION!

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