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Easiest Way to Change

The Power From Within

Sara Clem, owner of Salveo Yoga and a certified YogaKids instructor, always reminds her yoga class to gently smile.  Gently smiling changes the brain’s chemistry and patterning so it is easier to let go.  When you focus on smiling, it is easier to “let go,” not struggle, and move with ease into a position that may have been daunting.  When you smile gently, your brain’s chemistry and neurosynapses change so that even if you can’t move into a more difficult position, all is well in the world, and you find it is perfectly alright to acknowledge your limit rather than create stress or drama about it.

During yoga practice we were attempting a difficult (for us) balance stance.  Sara gently laughed as we came out of the first pose saying she saw all of our faces contorted into concentration and the struggle for control.  She pointed out, that when we are working so hard to concentrate and hold onto control our flight or fight systems turn on, making it even harder to move with ease and grace.  (see post on flight or fight).  Sara guaranteed if everyone in the class would just smile and be gentle, the next pose would go much smoother with less anxiety.  You know what…she was absolutely correct!

Smile and Change Your Life

English: Beautiful Smile

English: Beautiful Smile (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This relates to everyday life.  We have a tendency to concentrate so hard and think everything we are doing is so very, very important.    When we slightly smile to ourselves, we change our brain’s chemistry and release the tendency for flight or fight.  As this happens, it is easier to stay in a difficult circumstance and/or easier to move through it with ease and grace.

Whether you are an accountant and this is your busy season, a mother dealing with 3 preschool children, or a grandpa experiencing aches and pains, remember to smile gently and your day will get so much easier.

After this particular yoga session, I was driving home with a friend Elizabeth Cowie (blogger of Taste and Sprout: Planting the Seed to Lifelong Health) and she commented to me, “Hey, Sharon, smiling gently would make a great blog.”  I thought to myself, “I’ve been blogging about brain chemistry for the past 18 months now…doesn’t everybody get it?”

Almost as if she was reading my thoughts, Elizabeth said, “Smiling is such an easy way to change your brain and change your life.  It is a concrete task that is so easy to remember and implement.  Smiling can reshape your day completely.”

Elizabeth and Sara are correct!   So here I write:  SMILE , IT WILL CHANGE YOUR BRAIN and your day!

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    :) Great post Sharon! Smiling :)