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Easy Recipe for Gluten Free Apple Crisp

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Easy Recipe for Gluten Free Apple Crisp

In September, I wrote a book review for Conquering Arthritis by a former client, Barbara Allen.  Barb has a blog featuring alternative recipes for common food allergens.  This Gluten Free Apple Crisp is delicious and I wanted to share it.

If you have a  food intolerance, you don’t have to give up fun treats!  I hope you enjoy…

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An apple crisp kind of recipe (called "Ap...

Easy Recipe for Gluten Free Apple Crisp

Picture to the Left:  Gluten Free Apple Crisp Hot Out of the Oven

This recipe for gluten free apple crisp continues my quest to provide simple, gluten free recipes that can easily be incorporated to a rotation diet.

Many gluten free recipes call for an assortment of gluten free flours in an effort to make the final product taste more like it’s made from wheat flour. Using so many grains in one dish or meal can make it nearly impossible to rotate foods on a rotation diet, like the one I recommend for healing arthritis.

My hope is that this series of minimal ingredient gluten free recipes will help and inspire people to explore the taste and texture of an assortment of separate gluten free flours. Through my own exploration, I’ve found that certain gluten-free flours lend themselves to certain types of foods. In fact, some foods I prefer to make with specific gluten-free flours over wheat flour because of the unique texture and taste they offer.

To make this gluten free apple crisp you will need:

  • 3 lbs apples of your choice (I use which ever kind are in season)
  • 1 cup sorghum flour (Or any other gluten free flour that is safe for you)
  • sea salt to taste
  • olive oil, or any other safe oil (enough to dampen the flour)


  • ¼ cup raw agave syrup
  • Cinnamon, nutmeg, or other spices if they are safe for you

Gluten Free Apple Crisp Ingredients

The 5 Ingredients You Need to Make a Simple Gluten Free Apple Crisp


1. Core and slice apples. If holding a knife is difficult for you, you might want to try a mechanical apple corer, peeler, slicer machine or ask someone else in your household to do this part. You can peel the apples or not based on your own preference.

Have arthritis hands? Here’s an easy way to core, peel, and slice apples.

2. Once the apples are cut, place them in a cooking dish (if using a conventional oven, line the dish with a little oil).
3. Combine the flour, sea salt, agave syrup, and olive in a small bowl to make the crisp topping. Use enough oil to dampen the mixture.

Crumbly Sorghum Flour Topping for the Apple Crisp

Crumbly Sorghum Flour Topping for the Apple Crisp

4. Spread or pinch the topping over the apples.

Use your fingers to spread the sorghum dough over the apples.

5. Cover and bake for about 1 hour at 375°F in a conventional oven or bake for 2 hours in a solar oven.

The apple crisp baking in my solar oven.

The apple crisp baking in my solar oven.


I made this apple crisp in my solar oven in October. The temperature inside the oven got up to 325°F and I left the crisp in for about 2 hours. The apples came out just right: soft, but not mushy.

Although I often use oat flour for my apple crisps, I chose sorghum flour for this recipe because it is naturally very crumbly. The result was delicious – the soft baked apples and toasted sorghum crumbles complimented each other perfectly.


To leave feedback or comments on Barbara’s Blog regarding her post (or to sign up to receive her blogs) click here.

Enjoy this Easy Recipe for Gluten Free Apple Crisp!


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