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In This Egocentric World, What Are The Positive Reasons to Help Others?

Intentional Living, Mindful Living

Intentional Living, Mindful Living

Health Benefits of Helping Others

You heard me!  There are actual HEALTH BENEFITS to HELPING OTHERS.  As crazy as it may seem, research has shown time and time again that your life is improved when you become less egocentric.  Here are just some of the health benefits of lending a hand and helping others.

 Volunteer & Help Others, You Receive Health Benefits

  • Live a Longer Life:  Some research shows a 20% or greater drop in mortality the more you volunteer.
  • Less Pain:  People living with chronic pain often feel dis-empowered and when one volunteer offers a sense of purpose.
  • Lower Blood Pressure:  Studies show people who regularly volunteer have less incidents of hypertension.
  • Make New Friends and Acquaintances:  Surveys have shown people feel less lonely when they offer their time to others
  • Decreases Depression:  If you are busy helping others, you don’t have time to for catastrophic thinking.
  • Increased Happiness:  Take all of the above and it is a recipe for a happier, more fulfilled life.

Ways of Helping Others by Volunteering

Health Benefits of Helping Others

There are so many ways to give of yourself.  Yes, I realize most people volunteer NOT because they are thinking of the health benefits but because they like to help others.  Here are some quick ways to offer your time to others.

Schools:  Your child/grandchild’s school are always looking for volunteers.  I work in the  middle school library and in the 3rd grade class room.  I know senior citizens have the organization Oasis that reads to children in a school setting.

Church:  Many churches already have done the foot work to organizing programs.  This is volunteering made easy.  Just show up at the designated time.  Our church has a plethora of out reach and opportunities to volunteer.

Senior Citizen Home:  Most senior citizens love company.  You need no special skills but to show up and converse.  One of my clients belongs to a choir group that sings at senior centers every other week.

Hospital:  You know those wonderful people at the information desk?  They are usually volunteers!  I remember my stint as a Candy Striper at out local hospital when I was in high school.  What a great way to start to see the inner workings of a hospital.

Right NOW: Receive Health Benefits by Helping Others

Well, OK, receive health benefits by  helping me.

Please, VOLUNTEER to assist me.  I can really use your input.

My team is in the process of   putting together an online media kit.  We need to come up with 10-15 sample interview questions about the book, public speaking, and/or what The Inner Connection is about.

Click here to view some questions we came up with.   I would LOVE for EACH OF YOU, whether you are a stay at home parent or CEO of a company, to add any and all ideas you have.  Your input will truly make this fantastic!

Click here to help me out!

Your time is greatly appreciated!

With Warm Regards,

Sharon K. Hepburn

The Inner Connection


Thanks to the above sources who listed the Health Benefits of Helping Others







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