5 Tips for Emotional Health: Lessons Learned in California

Motivational, Inspirational, & Holistic

Motivational, Inspirational, & Holistic

5 Tips for Emotional Health:  Lessons Learned in California

I often mistakenly believed taking care of my emotional health would be easier living by the beach or mountains than living in a suburb.  Having friends who live by the beach and a few friends who live in the mountains, I’ve commented several times to my buddies how awesome their locations are.  Unfortunately, I usually get the same reply, “oh, you become use to it”, or “well, we never really notice it because we are always so busy”. By and large, the response entails the sad fact is that the society at large doesn’t pay attention to their surroundings.
Earlier this year, I went to visit my Aunt Pat and Barb in Southern California. They have a beach front home and you can hear the ocean as you sleep. I asked if she became immune to the beauty surrounding them.
“I guess you get use to this, don’t you?” I queried.  As you know,  I am into self help, emotional health, and connecting to the Divine.  
“Oh no!” Both Pat and Barb replied, “The ocean changes daily, the sky is different from minute to minute and the sun rays shift subtly within the hours”.
These ladies have a ritual of walking the beach every night at sun set, they even plan their dinner time around it! On their walks, which during my stay they graciously included me, each of them noticed the surroundings and changes around them. Pat would comment on the changes of the waves from the night before, or how the sand was from last week. Then Barb would observe the birds, the change of the sky from dusk to night. They remarked on sights and sounds I never even paid attention to. Both ladies admit that their nightly walks are important for their spiritual and emotional health.
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So, I began to think: I don’t pay heed to the wonders around me when I am at home. How can I become more aware? Now that I am back at home, I am making a conscious effort to live my life with attention to nature.

Here are the FIVE things I learned to become more emotionally healthy from the walks with my aunts:

1. Connecting to nature can be a spiritual experience. Take a moment to be enamored, inspired, and awed.
2. Set time aside (and plan around) connection with each other and nature. It is important.
3. Pay attention to the changes. I may not have an ocean but I’ve watched plants bud and bloom this year. Even paying attention to the changes in the sky from hour to hour is transformational.
4. Nature is a well choreographed symphonies of sounds, colors, temperature, textures etc. Notice the subtleties.
5. Be grateful for the experience. While being in gratitude, more situations will arise to appreciate even more!

Thank you Aunt Pat and Barb, my time spent with you was very special, EDUCATIONAL, and helped me with my emotional health!

With warm regards,

Sharon K. Hepburn

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  • Jeanne

    Thank you for this reminder. We’re always wanting to travel somewhere else, when we don’t even see the world around us each and every day.

    • http://www.theinnerconnection.net sharon hepburn

      Thanks for the comment, Jeanne!

  • http://eatinglocalinthelou.com Elizabeth @ Eating Local in the Lou

    The beauty that surrounds us no matter where we live never ceases to completely amaze me. Taking it all in and really appreciating it is such a gift!

    • Sharon Hepburn

      Elizabeth, you are so right! I realized I have been so “wrapped” up in live and running around that I wasn’t taking the time to observe and appreciate. In reality, I was acting the same way those who live on beaches and mountains acted by not being aware of my surroundings. It has been fun to keep my eyes open for the daily changes of nature’s symphony.

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