Exciting Ground Breaking News: Neurochemistry Affects Body, Mind, and Soul

Motivational, Inspirational, & Holistic

Motivational, Inspirational, & Holistic

Neurochemistry Affects Body, Mind,  and Soul

When writing my book Mothering…Your Inner ConnectionA Hand Book to Staying Connected to Yourself and Children,  I included many references to publications and research published by some “heavy hitters” in brain research.  The Dali Lama,  the Mind-life Institute, and Words Can Change your Brain (Andrew Newberg, MD and Mark R Waldman) are just some of the material I refereed to.  Since publishing Mothering…Your Inner Connection, I have been following Mark Waldman on Facebook and so enjoy his posts on neurochemistry and the affects it has on the body, mind, and soul that I contacted him to see if I could use his post, word for word, in this blog.  Gratefully, Mark, once again has helped me out when he consented to letting his words be put into this blog.  Thanks, Mark!

So, how, exactly, does Neurochemistry affect body, Mind, and Soul?

Read  some of Mark Waldman’s FB post to find out:

  • ADD HUMOR! Waldman’s Neurotip for today: look for humor everywhere you can. As a growing number of studies on laughter and humor demonstrate, that small smile of surprise might actually help to slow down cognitive decline! It’s uniquely human, and appears to be essential for a young child’s neurological development.
  • TRUST YOUR INSULA AND YOUR GUT, NOT YOUR HEART! Intuition (governed by the insula and anterior cingulate in newest evolutionary parts of your brain) is a key neurological element for success, but it’s only 1/2 right. When you combine it with logic and reason, and a gut level sense of what feels the best, you make the best decision possible. Waldman’s NeuroTip for today: it’s the gut, not the heart that guides your passionate choices. It has 100 million neurons. The heart has on 40,000. Do the GutMath….!
  • MEDITATE AS YOU LIKE AND LIVE BETTER!…. You can create your own mantra by using any meaningful word, sound, or phrase. … the more activities you add while you meditate or pray, the more you improve your brain. You can walk your mantra, or run while chanting, or tap different parts of your body as you focus on a specific desire or goal. Vary your meditation the moment it becomes boring because at that point the activity has diminished effect on your brain. And if you sing your
    Gratitude can Heal Mark Waldman

    Gratitude can Heal
    Mark Waldman

    meditation, you’ll enhance additional neural functions! [ Waldman’s Neurotip]:Experiment and know this truth: there is no single meditation or prayer, other than perhaps Loving kindness, that is more powerful than another. If you believe you have to follow another guru’s rules, you’ll undermine your own self esteem!

  • CAN GRATITUDE HEAL? An overview of dozens of studies suggest that, yes, we can improve our mood by doing simple gratitude exercises, especially on days that are stressful (holidays, birthdays, anniversaries). But if you write down, on a daily basis, 1-5 things you feel grateful for, you can reduce anxiety and depression while simultaneously boosting life satisfaction. Studies show that just 7 days of doing this will increase your self-esteem over the next 3 month.

Now you know how Neurochemistry affects Body, Mind and Soul!

I have enjoyed reading Mark’s work and appreciate all the advise he has given to me the past 6 months!  The work of the neurochemistry of emotion is very exciting!  The neurochemistry of happiness can be transformation.

If you would like to read more about Mark Robert Waldman go to his webpage:  click here

or check your Waldman’s  facebook page at:  https://www.facebook.com/mark.waldman.73

or watch Mark Waldman’s  TED TALK video here (this is awesome!) about how “God can change your brain”

Try to incorporate some of these Neurotips to better your life and watch as Neurochemistry affects the Body, Mind, and Soul!

With Warm Regards,

Sharon K. Hepburn

The Inner Connection

Neurochemistry affect body, Mind, and Soul?





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