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The last few weeks we have been on a journey to look at our beliefs and see how those beliefs support us.  As we shift our beliefs about ourselves, lets take a look at our beliefs about food.
I have a good friend Elizabeth Cowie who blogs at “Eating Local in the Lou”.  Elizabeth is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian and truly enjoys blogging about her culinary adventures using local and seasonl ingredients.
“The Lou” refers to St. Louis, Missouri. She loves knowing she is making a positive impact on her family’s health, the local economy and the environment with every local and healthy food dollar spent.   Her blog is an inspiration for each of us to gain a deeper appreciation and connection to where our food comes from, and to make a positive impact on the food system with our choices. In short, to feel good and enjoy what we eat!
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  • Elizabeth @ Eating Local in the Lou

    Thanks so much Sharon! Healthy eating is such an integral part of total wellness. I appreciate you telling your readers about my blog and hope they come on over and check it out :)

    • sharon hepburn

      Elizabeth, you are more than welcomed. It was a pleasure to promote your expertise. Any time you would like to guest blog, my readers would love to learn more about fun and adventurous but tasty healthy eating and I would love to feature you. You and your recipes are AWESOME!


    Eating local means we are helping support local businesses. Which means the money we spend tends to stay in our area. Which means that local employment is supported. (I know- the shin bone’s connected to…)

    What is also means, when buying fruits and vegetables, is that the food we ingest is fresher than that which is further away…

    Go and enjoy!

  • Tami Principe

    Nice blog! Eating healthy is so important and the fact that she incorporates local, and seasonal foods is fabulous.

  • The Mighty Jerd

    Trying to eat non-processed, healthy foods is probably the single biggest thing most people can do to improve their overall health!