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Being Grateful On Thanksgiving

Motivational, Inspirational, & Holistic

Motivational, Inspirational, & Holistic

Being Grateful On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is just days away, how about we take a few minutes and practice being grateful?

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Being Grateful on Thanksgiving isn’t hard bit it will take AWARENESS

I know, I know we pray right before we go to bed each night and quickly list everything we think we should be thankful for.  But how much time do we actually live in gratitude?  How often do we actually take time to be aware of how much we have?  How much do YOU feel the gratitude for the situation and let that permeate you being?

Being Grateful On Thanksgiving

Being grateful on Thanksgiving isn’t really hard but it will take AWARENESS to pull your mind away from your activities to live in gratitude for what you have, what you have done, and what you are currently doing. (See blog on Present Moment)

In the next few days leading up to Thanksgiving and on Thanksgiving itself, take time out of your hectic schedule, take a moment to breath, and breath in everything you are being thankful for.  Don’t just list the obligatory being thankful for  family, job and friends but really explore what makes you happy.


“Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation.” 
–Brian Tracy

 Maybe you being grateful for a special conversation you had with a friend, maybe you are being grateful for your boss’s consideration during a project, and my personal favorite is being grateful for those tough, hard or adversarial moments because they make me a better person, it is those moments in which I learn and grow the most.

  • Being grateful on Thanksgiving means recognizing what you have and what you have accomplished.  Take a moment to explore everything you experience
  • Being grateful on Thanksgiving is actually feeling the love and gratitude for that particular moment
  • Being grateful on Thanksgiving can fill you up and make your day.
  • Being grateful on Thanksgiving will actually bring more joy and happiness to you Thanksgiving holiday
  • Being grateful on Thanksgiving is an excellent way to connect to your self and the Divine.

I am grateful for my readers, these past 5 months has been a huge learning curve and a total blast!  I am grateful for the opportunity to learn, help others help themselves, and for you sticking with me.


thank you

Being Grateful On Thanksgiving will put the “Thanks” Back into Thanksgiving!


With Warm Regards,

Sharon K. Hepburn

The Inner Connection

Being Grateful On Thanksgiving will put the “Thanks” back into Thanksgiving

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  • Elizabeth @ Eating Local in the Lou

    I am thankful for this post! I have forwarded to my husband as we continue on the journey of trying to raise children with grateful hearts.

    • Sharon Killeen Hepburn

      happy Thanksgiving, Elizabeth! I am grateful you read my blog.

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