Mindful Living: Emotional Spring Cleaning

Intentional Living, Mindful Living

Intentional Living, Mindful Living

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Emotional Spring Cleaning

Spring is quickly approaching and many of us are thinking about washing windows, cleaning baseboards, and clearing out the garage.  Our emotional process gets just as cluttered as our physical home and it is important to give it a “good cleaning” every now and then.  Don’t worry, an Emotional Spring Cleaning is a whole lot more fun than dusting the baseboards!

Mindful Living  plays an important role in stress reduction and is scientifically proven to help with clinical depression.

Mindful Living

Here are a few tips to clear your mind and set you on a clearer path to Living Mindfully:

Become aware of self talk:    Listen to your own self talk.  Do you congratulate yourself on a job well done?  Do you give yourself compliments?  If you happen to be a negative self talker, now is the time to recognize it.  Take any negative thought and think of 3 positive thoughts about yourself instead.

Start your Emotional Spring Cleaning

Remember the 3 to 1 ratio:  For a healthy emotional existence, research has shown we need 3 positive events to every one negative event.  This includes interactions with others and self talk. Take time and live mindfully by concentrating on increasing positive interactions ( with YOURSELF and OTHERS)  throughout your day.  Your emotional health will improve!  Take this quick on-line quiz to see what your positivity ratio is, click here.

Live in Gratitude:  We hear it all the time, we preach it, so start LIVING it!  The more you are grateful…the happier you are.  The happier you are the more positive interactions you have.   That says a lot for mindful living!   The next time you are waiting in line and going over you to-do list, throw the to-do  list aside. Instead  make a list of all you are grateful for.  This will also help with stress reduction because your mind is focused on something other than the hamster wheel of BS thoughts.

Let go of old hurts:   Recognize the old hurts you are holding on to.  Ask yourself, “what I get out of harboring this pain?”  What is the fear of letting this hurt go?  See the blog on Belief systems if you get stuck.  Realize these old thought patterns my not be relevant anymore.  It is extremely freeing and transformation when we recognize them as old stuff and no longer useful.  When we live in the present moment, when we live mindfully, we can let the past hurts go.

Mindful Living leads to Stress Reduction

So as the snow melts and the flowers start to bloom, take time for a little emotional spring cleaning.  It will help put you on track of mindful living.  Share with us below how you plan to Emotionally Spring Clean and clear the path to mindful living and stress reduction!

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