Miracle or Modern Medicine?

Who is Worthy of Divine Intervention?

“These visualizations haven’t worked!” proclaimed Jerome (pseudonym), an elderly client with significant heart issues.  “The echo, Doppler, blood work all show that one side of my heart is dead and I don’t think these silly visualizations are going to make it come back to life.”

“Fair enough,” I replied, “what would make the heart come back to life?”

Jerome, looking inward for a few minutes, responded.  “The heart needs the real …not visualized…stem cell rejuvenation (still not approved in the USA) or a miracle.  I am really praying that I get accepted into that stem cell trial I told you about.”

A light bulb went off in my head; call it “Divine Intervention.”  “Why don’t you pray for a miracle?”  I asked.

The poor gentleman looked like he was struck by a truck!  “Well, uh, uh well…” he managed to mutter.  “Umm, who am I to ask for a miracle?”

“I don’t know,” I answered back being guided by my intuition, which I believe comes from the Divine.  “Who or what force decides who gets a miracle and who doesn’t?”

Creation of the Sun and Moon by Michelangelo, ...

Asking for a Miracle

“Obviously, God decides,” Jerome replies.  Then a light bulb went off for him.  “So if God decides maybe I shouldn’t presume to know the outcome.   I can ask Him for a miracle to fix my heart.”

“God, it’s me Jerome.  I was wondering if you can fix my heart and make it work again.”

“Yes,” Jerome visualized God answering, “All you have to do is ask.”

“Please, God, fix my heart and make all the cells grow back.  Let the heart become healthy.”

The rest of the treatment consisted of a conversation with God, some mystical Divine Intervention, and a visualization of the heart cells rejuvenating.

Miracle or Modern Medicine?

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as though everything is a miracle.”
― Albert Einstein

Ten days later Jerome called me all excited. “You are not going to believe this.  My cardiologist finds this hard to believe too.  My heart function tests show that the heart is working better!  I am now able to walk longer distances and go up steep hills without getting out of breath – things I haven’t been able to do in over ten years!”

He took a deep breath and proclaimed, “It’s a miracle!”

I know our beliefs about God and the Divine may be slightly different from each other.  Nonetheless, I ask, when is the last time you had a real conversation with the Divine?  Do you believe you are worthy of a miracle?