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Do We Need Pain and Suffering?

Life without Pain and Suffering

We all say we would like our lives to be pain free.  We would like to get beyond our struggles to become better and just be the best at everything.  We would like our arthritis to go away, or our traumatic childhood to disappear, or  ______________you fill in the blank with whatever it is for you.

Take a moment and image how your life would be if all your pain and suffering disappeared.  What would it be like?  What would it feel like?  Would it be everything you ever imagined?

I’m not so sure that life without pain and suffering would be as swell as we imagine it to be.  Think about it.  How would you feel loved if you do not have the opposite of love?  How would you know if you are secure if you have not ever experienced the opposite of secure?  How can you appreciate the wonders of being pain free if you have never been in pain?

Suffering is Optional

It is all Relative

Relationship to Pain and Suffering

Maybe we need to be in relationship with what we do not desire to appreciate all that we do have and desire.  If we were all doing exactly what we wanted and were happy with life, what would be next?  What would heaven be like if the here and now was perfectly full of love and compassion?  And to my metaphysical friends, who is to say the here and now isn’t already full of love and compassion?

Maybe pain and suffering helps us to understand, define, and appreciate love, joy, and happiness.  What would you strive for if all sentient beings were already in love, in joy, and in happiness?

Take a moment to consider:

  1. Everything that you appreciate is because of your circumstances.
  2. Be grateful for your struggles because the struggles lend appreciation for all that you have accomplished.
  3. We focus on the struggle but the struggle contains the possibility for joy, wisdom, compassion and love.
  4. Live in the moment, for that is all we have!

Decrease Your Judgement to Pain and Suffering

May your pain and suffering be less with the knowledge that without them we could not truly understand and appreciate all that we are and all that we are blessed with.