Putting Christ into Christmas 2014


English: Nativity scene in Barcelona (2009)


Putting Christ Into Christmas


I say it is high time we “put Christ into Christmas!”  To many people this means scrubbing clean society’s preference to say” Happy Holidays” and to shun other religious traditions that celebrate their big holidays in December. Holiday Salutations have become a hot-topic debate but our focus really should be on OUR ACTIONS and not on a greeting.   Let’s face it, originally, Christmas WAS a pagan holiday that early Christians high-jacked the holiday to spread the word about their Savior, Jesus Christ.


Would Jesus shun other religious beliefs? Jesus was Jewish, He celebrated Hanukkah!  Most religious traditions recognize Christ as a major figure in Spiritual Development. With that in mind,  I suggest instead of debating what it is the politically correct Holiday Salutation  we concentrate on what Jesus would do.  Instead of figuring out whether to say “Happy Holidays” (which includes all religion themed holidays, Thanksgiving AND News Year) versus “Merry Christmas” it may behoove us to:



Put Christ Into Christmas!


The Holiday Salutation Debate, Put Christ Into Christmas


So, how does one let got of the ” Merry Christmas” verses “Happy Holidays” hot topic argument and  Put Christ Into Christmas no matter what religious faction you is?  Well, let’s contemplate Christ and what He would do…


  1. What would Christ say in those situations were He wasn’t getting his way?
  2. What would Christ do as a child melts down due to fatigue and over stimulation during Christmas?
  3. What would Christ give to the poor and unfortunate when Christmas and Hanukkah  are over?
  4. What would Christ say to the depressed and over worked?
  5. How would Christ act in that Church or Synagogue jammed-pack parking lot?




I also suggest to be compassionate towards yourself.   Treat yourself as Christ would treat you…with kindness and love.  As you love yourself, you will begin to be more compassionate and loving towards others.  You will become more “Christ-like”.


Whether you prefer to say Merry Christmas or Happy Holiday is a Holiday Salutation debate I will not get engage in.  However;  I highly encourage you, no matter what your religious preference…