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Are You Stressed Out?

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Are You Stressed Out?  Pulling my hair

Is it time to rejuvenate?  Do you ever feel like you are doing the same thing day in and day out and just spinning your wheels?  Or are you are a care giver but you are just so fatigued from all your work?  Are you run down and it’s time to take a break?

Last week was my chance to fill my cup up with some time for me.  I had a minor medical procedure scheduled and had many caring people offer to go with me.  As I looked inward, I realized I wanted this day to be about me.  I did not want to calm others’ fears as I was in the waiting room.  I did not want to listen to my potential companion on the phone.  I wanted to be center of attention.  So I decided to let myself be center of attention and politely declined those offers of company so I could rejuvenate and take time for me.


After my procedure, I was very fortunate.  My girlfriend told me about a local day spa running a treatment special.  I went out on a limb and treated myself to the special and had an appointment later that morning.  I enjoyed all the pampering and fuss of being at a day spa and thought to myself…it is all about me, taking time for me.

After being pampered and cherished, I had about 45 min before my CranioSacral Treatment and wanted to treat myself to lunch.  I drove into a swanky part of town and found a quaint bistro that I wanted to try.  As I waited for the goat cheese and fig tart to appear, I read Brene Brown’s new book, The Gifts of Imperfection.  As I ate, I reflected on the book’s message of being vulnerable and recognizing shame.  I was enjoying this “taking time for me” thing!

When I arrived at the CranioSacral appointment, I explained to my wonderful therapist that this day was all about me!  I was filling my cup and rejuvenating.  She helped support me as she worked with my tissues along with the related emotional and mental patterns.  I felt honored and connected.  Taking time for me was making me a more integrated person.

Taking Time for Me


Meditate…Taking Time for Me

When I arrived home, I didn’t jump into mom role but took time to meditate.  When the kids burst through the door I explained it was a “me day.”  My children were very supportive of my rejuvenation process and spent time by just being with me.

You might be thinking to yourself, how selfish.  Many people would have had the minor medical procedure and rushed on with their lives.  If you are one of those people, is it time to schedule some much needed rejuvenation?  What do you need to do to renew?  What will fill up your cup so you can rejuvenate as you go about your day?

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