Rejuvenation ~ Taking Time for You

You wrote You Are Stressed Out

I have received many emails and texts in regards to last week blog about RejuvenationTaking Time for Me  (Click here to read) Many of the comments were centered on how the reader wished they could take the time to rejuvenate and renew.    The very reason they are stressed is because they think what they are doing is so important that they won’t even take 30 minutes away from that hamster wheel.  Is that how you want to live your life?  Do you want to give your power to some other force?  Are you ready to take time for you?

I am here to tell you, you do not have to take an entire day off to take the edge off of stress.  Research has shown  there is a treasure trove of evidence that PROVES when you take time for you, you are a happier, more contented, and connected person.  In addition, the data PROVES that if you take time for yourself you become a better parent, partner, and worker.  What other evidence do you need to start taking time for you?

12 Activities to Rejuvenation

Here is a list of activities you can do for 20 min or 2 hours to help you renew:

Laughing girl

Rejuvenate…Laugh, Laugh, Laugh

Listen to your favorite music

Playing, actually playing, with your children or grandchildren:  be renewed by their youth

Quiet time/ Meditation:  research consistently shows that meditation reduces stress

Prayer:  what is prayer but a form of meditation?

Pamper yourself:  treat yourself to something you normally wouldn’t do

Treat yourself to a movie you’ve wanted to see

Sing at the top of your lungs:  Loose yourself in the moment

Yawn 3 times in a Row:  Yawning and stretching three times in a row is a proven way to become relaxed

Laugh, Laugh, Laugh:  Yup, this too, is proven to change brain chemistry

Meet a friend for conversation:  You guessed it!  This is proven to help the brain feel rested and happy

Take the day off:  Take the day off work, take the day off from being a parent, take the day off and do what you want to do to fill your cup.  We actually believe the world would stop if we didn’t show up.  We are WRONG!

Take a Break every 50 Minutes:  Your brain needs to rest and reset every 30 -50 min.  If your brain is going to rest, you might as well take your break while your brain is.

Permission to Take Time for You

In our crazy society, we sometimes feel as if we need permission to do something we want.  I give you permission to fill your cup.  I give your permission to make yourself important.  I give you permission to take time for you.


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