10 Health Benefits of a Simple Exercise Routine: Improve Your Mood, Heart, and Health

Motivational, Inspirational, & Holistic

Motivational, Inspirational, & Holistic

10 Health Benefits of Simple Exercise Routine: Improve Your Mood, Heart, and Health

We all know exercise is important, we all know exercise will make us feel good, we all know exercise will improve our health but for some reason we still find excuses not actually do anything more than work up a sweat working that TV clicker.

There are so many excuses out there of why we don’t actually get up and move but most of them mean:  I don’t have the fortitude to push on, I don’t really want to expend the energy, It really isn’t worth it to me.

The good news is:  exercise does NOT mean going to a gym, it just means getting up and moving,  for example

  •  A client of mine told me her weight lose program has her standing up during commercials and marching, not jogging, but MARCHING IN PLACE.

    English: Dog walking in West Park
    Exercise can be fun, easy, and inexpensive.  Go for a walk with a four legged friend.
  •  A beautiful petite girlfriend of mine tells me she jogs in place at night as she chats with her husband.  This is an activity I took up and my husband giggles as I bob up and down as I tell him about my day!  What a sight but I am MOVING.

  •  I use free weights.  When talk with my sisters in the mornings, I put on the speaker phone and do light lifting.  It is a double whammy:  endorphins from exercise and endorphins  from talking with my sisters.

  • Don’t forget the ever so easy and inexpensive walk through the neighborhood.

Whether you walk, lift, jog in place, swim, or go to the gym. It is good to remember there are health benefits of regular exercise:

  1. Exercise will make you feel better

  2. Exercising  may improve your sex life (I have your attention, now, don’t I?)

  3. Moving will increase your energy

  4. You will tone up your muscles and may even lose weight

  5. Exercise will improve your circulation

  6. Increasing your heart rate will improve your cardiovascular health.

  7. Moving will improve your mood

  8. You will eventually start to look forward to it

  9. Exercise is a good way to socialize (if you are that type of person

  10. Exercise is a good way to relax and meditate (if you are that type of person)

So stop your excuses!  Get up and MARCH IN PLACE or go for a walk.  Be healthy, happy and enjoy that simple exercise routine.

With Warm Regards,

Sharon K. Hepburn


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