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Simple Mindfulness Techniques


Mindfulness (Photo credit: RelaxingMusic)

Mindfulness Videos are a Hit

Thanks to all those who have made positive comments on the videos about being mindful.  Feel free to leave your thoughts and opinions of the previous two mindfulness videos and the two mindfulness videos presented today.

As we learned last week, being mindful is merely being aware.  We also saw last week there are a plethora of health and emotional benefits of becoming mindful throughout the day.

Incorporating Mindfulness throughout the day can be fairly easy and actually fun.  Research has shown being mindful for 2 minutes out of every hour has a cumulative benefit.  Being mindful for 2 min every hour seems to have as much or more of a benefit as meditating for 20 minutes a day!

Check out the following videos.  The first is about a few simple Mindfulness techniques which are easy to employ throughout your day.  The second video discusses how to be a mindful parent.

Simple Mindfulness Techniques

 Mindful Parenting