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Have a Stress Free Holiday Season

Have a Stress Free Holiday Season

I know what  you are thinking:  this is way to early for advice about  Christmas,  Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and  New Years.  Oh,  let’s not forget Super Bowl Sunday! Bear with me, as if you take my advice, I guarantee you a more relaxed, joy-filled Holiday Season.

My History before I had Stress Free Holidays:

A few years ago, around December and into January, I couldn’t sleep.  I would stay awake in bed all night long and stare at the walls for hours on end.  This made for a very grumpy and unproductive girl during the day.  I wasn’t really stressed about anything.  My life is and had


Stress Free Holidays..Pair down gift giving

been chugging along just fine and dandy, so what was this about?  During a visit to my  naturopathic  physician, the ND gave me her pearls of wisdom on the winter months and how Western Society has taken the joy out of the Holiday Season, why sometimes coping with the holidays can be difficult. It goes something like this… In the natural world, by October, mammals are hunkering down for a nice  long winter rest and cold blooded animals are going into hibernation.  For humans, that could look like staying at home on a cold, dark evenings.  Maybe we could relax by cuddling in front of the fireplace.  Or perhaps we could rejuvenate with a cup of warm tea or hot chocolate.  It is a time when we  suppose to naturally slow down and maybe even gain a few pounds.  But oh no…not in our world!

Why we don’t have a Stress Free Holiday Season:

Western Society has squeezed so much into our natural wind down time, we really don’t have time to decompress.  In October we have Halloween.  Followed by November, the United States celebrate Thanksgiving.    And then  in  December:  Can you say Christmas and Hanukkah? .  But it doesn’t end there!  Most of us still celebrate New Years, Super Bowl Sunday, Valentines Day and Easter.  All while we should be hanging out on the couch, staying warm and getting plump. Talk  about being off schedule and running around…definitively not hibernation.  Most holidays  usually entails traveling and getting off  our routine. Any time you are off your normal routine… it is STRESSFUL!  Even if you enjoy the activity, it is a NATURALLY STRESSFUL  for your system  to be off schedule.  It is definitely NOT a stress free holiday! We add so much stress during the holidays, it is ridiculous!  (Visit my blog on accepting where you are at) Now don’t get me wrong…I LOVE a good party!  I Love visiting with family!  I love making holiday food.  But I really don’t like being stressed-out.   I HATE waking up in the middle of the night not being able to sleep because my schedule is off.

This is what I do to have a Stress Free Holiday Season

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Have a Stress Free Holiday

Here are some stress-free holiday tips:

  1. Start shopping for gifts early.  I may even pick up gifts in the summer but I really start shopping by mid-October (hence this blog to give give helpful hints in  reducing holiday stress)
  2. Take time to be grateful for all you have.  Instead of shopping, spend 15 minute writing out a list of ALL YOU HAVE, not all that you want.
  3. Make a list who you wish to buy for and what you want to get them:  That way you won’t be stressed out at the store.
  4. Spend time with loved ones.  Family, laughing, and loving decreases stress and make you a happy camper.
  5. Limit your social outings to those YOU really want to go to and then take time to be present and enjoy them.  (see blog on present moment)

In addition, make sure you try to stay on a semblance of your schedule and get plenty of rest. It is my early holiday wish that you are joy-filled and stress-free..  Take these  holiday stress tips and   plan early, slow down, and stay in the moment for the activities you wish to do! With Warm Regards, Sharon K Hepburn The Inner Connection If you need a fireplace at home, click on the link:  


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