Transforming Your Beliefs

Intentional Living, Mindful Living

Intentional Living, Mindful Living

Can you believe that The Inner Connection’s blog has been published weekly for an entire year?   Below is a revision of the first blog I posted one year ago with edits using all the knowledge gained this past year.  I hope you enjoy...


The Difference between

Belief and Faith

Do not get FAITH and BELIEF entangled.  Faith is a strong conviction or a strong belief.  A belief is simply an assumption of truth.  This assumption may be true or may not be true.  FAITH is the conviction that your belief is true.

Take this moment to ponder your beliefs about yourself, beliefs about your abilities, beliefs about what you think you want.   Of course, there are the stories (beliefs) you make up about other people too.  All these assumption of truths can set up artificial boundaries and place you or others  in a very small box.

You may even think your beliefs are true!  But it has been my experience that most of those stories are based on information that is not whole, is faulty, or is, in reality, someone else’s belief.  Remember that faith is conviction of belief. What you have so much faith in may not even be accurate.

How would your life change if the limiting beliefs you had about yourself shifted?  How would your relationships change if your assumptions about others widen to include other possibilities about them and the relationship?

Have Faith, You Can Transform

From years of personal exploration and expansion, I am able to contribute to my clients’ journeys and I would love to share this information with you!  I have spent years looking at my assumptions of truth, my beliefs, and my story lines.  I have questioned what I previously have taken on blind Faith.  I can honestly say I am more connected and I would like to share this information with you!

As belief systems expand and shift there is a change within every relationship and perception you hold.  Take time to think about the below points and decide if you are ready to shift and grow.

1)      Beliefs about your self CAN shift!

2)      As Beliefs (or assumption of truths) about our self and situation change, others and the world around us seem to shift.  Our perception changes produces a ripple effect.

3)      Our “TRUTHS”, something we may take on blind faith, are sometimes held in place by misconceptions/perception. With the change of this misconception the “truth” (belief) may crumble.

4)      JUST the EXPLORATION of our beliefs/misconceptions is liberating

5)     Judgments attached to these beliefs keep us stagnant, immobile and in fear. Humans are afraid to believe something else about themselves because it is new!

Join Me on the  Journey 

I hope in future posts you will look at your assumptions of truth.  In future posts we’ll look at the substructure and the misconception of those beliefs.  You’ll be amazed at the speed of change in your perceptions.

Start to think and feel free to post below: What is the biggest limiting belief you have?  What do you take on blind Faith?  What types of judgments surround those thoughts and beliefs? 



  • Hunter Wade

    I love your distinctions. Our beliefs do indeed shape our reality and I am grateful for the tools to help me shift. Thanks for sharing.
    I have a different definition of faith, personally. Where beliefs are things we hold on to, faith is the letting go. It is the method by which we release what was once thought and connect to a higher as of yet unidentified transcendent truth.

    Alan Watts talks about it often.
    Here is a mention:

  • http://www.theinnerconnection.net/icblog Sharon K. Hepburn

    Thank you so much for your post! The video by Alan Watts is AWESOME!

    May I play devils advocate about “faith is letting go.” There are still “beliefs” one would harbor about letting go…that is why so many of us have faith that letting go is going to bring one to the essence of self.

    Readers, the video is way cool! Thank you, Hunter, for posting and sharing!