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4059504-autumn-leaves-background-underground-with-water-waves[1]Thank you for joining us!

The Inner Connection was founded in 1999 and I have spent the last 14 years listening to others, reading many books, and generally becoming very in-tuned to the process of transformation.  On this journey, I have witnessed transformations of physical pains, and of emotional traumas, to spiritual freedom.  There is so much I wish to share with you, so you can take the information and heal.

The biggest message is that to grow inward and CONNECT to self, it opens opportunity to expand, grow, and transform not only our-self but how we sit in relationship to others and situations.  When we connect to our-self, listen to the stories we keep telling our-self, it gives us the insights to shift (if we choose) we can heal what ails us.

So, if you choose to continue on this journey, sign up for our weekly blog.  It promises to be full of insights, expansions and CONNECTIONS.

Warm Regards,

Sharon K. Hepburn


  • http://www.chesterfieldcpa.com Ann McNeil

    Thanks, Sharon, for including me in the blog. I will have to watch how you handle yours and see if I can establish one for myself.

    Great idea!


  • http://eatinglocalinthelou.com Elizabeth @ Eating Local in the Lou

    Looks great Sharon! I cannot wait to follow along!

  • Chuck Kaylor


    Thank you for including me. Looking forward to your updates.