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Healing can be accomplished at a distance just as easily as in person. A therapist can access the field of consciousness around a person equally effectively as if the person was in the same room or across the world.

How does distance healing work?

Utilizing this knowledge, U.F.T. directly accesses the Unifield to initiate shifts within a conscious system. A unique, non-intrusive, integrative approach to healing, this work transcends traditional therapy models to promote physical, mental and emotional well-being. The therapist evaluates, palpates as well as integrates, fields of consciousness surrounding and permeating the client. This can be done in hands off application.

All remote sessions are followed up with a phone conversation or a distant session can be performed while both parties are on the phone (therapist and client). If the client requests, the phone conference can be delayed until it is convenient for the client.


As a client who receives distant work quite regularly, I cannot emphasis enough how awesome this work is. I have been receiving regular Unifield Therapy remote healing and it has changed my life in positive ways. My relationships are more positive, my low back pain is gone, I feel more energetic and less depressed. These distant healings are done either over the phone, or if I’m too busy, we book a time for the session and I catch up with my therapist later on.

If you can’t get in for bodywork either because of you schedule or because of distance between you and a good therapist, I truly recommend Sharon Hepburn as distance healer.

Michael Thurston
Aug 2009


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