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You are busy running around taking care of everyone. The boss expects more from you, your over booked, finacial worries keep nagging at you.

The children need to get to their scheduled activities, you want to call your mom, you feel as if you want to spend more time with your spouse.

Yet to be mentioned is errands, grocery shopping, running a household which also includes cleaning, cooking, and laundry, yardwork and/or car mantaince.

There is NEVER anytime left over for you! Falling into bed every night, you forget why are you doing this? Your question: is this really what I want to do? What is the meaning behind all of this? You feel as if you lost your INNER CONNECTION.

Water can not be taken from an empty well. Are you empty? Reconnecting to who you are, spending time with yourself, finding that connection can make all the difference!

What Can "I" Do to
Reconnect with "ME"?

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Sharon enjoys working with all sorts of populations especially children and those on a journey. Here are just a few of the conditions from which clients have reported significant decrease in symptoms after receiving this life-altering work:

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Migraines

  • Menstrual Problems

  • Aches and Pains

  • Emotional malysia and trauma

  • Sensory integration problems

  • Life transitions

  • Autistic stimulations

  • And much more...

Sharon K. Hepburn is an advance Unifield Therapy practitioner (www.Unifeildtherapy.com) who employs CranioSacral therapy (www.upledger.com), Somato-emotional releases, Reiki, and an entire host of manual therapies.  She graduated with a BS in Physical Therapy from St. Louis University (www.slu.ed) in 1992 and earned her Massage Therapy degree in 1999 from A Gathering Place. (www.agatheringplace.com.) What she enjoys most about Unifield therapy is that the possibilities are infinite.

Not in the St. Louis area?  Distant work is also available!  An appointment is set up with a practitioner and the session progresses as normal.  A phone call always follows up (or may even be incorporated into the treatment) to disseminate information.  A great way to get worked on if you are in an area that doesn't have access to a therapist!

Read what Laura Taylor has to say:
I feel grateful to have the opportunity to work with Sharon Hepburn in my journey of healing.  Her intuitive understanding of the interplay between emotions and energy and the way they affect our physical body, allows her to hold a safe, healing space as she gently guides the tissues to release long held dysfunctional patterns.   It is like a process of unwinding a twisted rubber-band that has been pulling bones and joints away from their normal positions.  I have found that the more willing I am to alter my perspective and release emotional patterns that no longer serve me,  the greater the healing effect on my body.   Sharon listens patiently, both to the words I say and to those I cannot;  and without judging me, she respectfully and honestly encourages me to widen my perspective lens, be present in my body and take part in my healing.  It is rare to come across a physical therapist who knows just how much force to use without engaging the body's natural resistance.  She has a worthy gift, a kind heart to match and I would recommend her services to anyone.  Sincerely, Laura Taylor

If you would like to make an appointment, please send an email to sharon@theinnerconnection.net with a phone # that she can contact you at, and she'll get back to you within the next 48 hours.  Or CLICK HERE to fill out the short form and Sharon will get back to you as soon as possible.

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