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You have tried everything from medical doctors, chiropractors, physical therapist, chronic pain doctors, energy work, and the list is goes on.  Yet, you are still in pain and discomfort.  You may have felt this way for years.  The pain may be so bad that it affects EVERY aspect of your life.  You may even realize that there could be other reasons you aren't getting better and that your disability is somehow related to moving forward, stress, or even somatic-emotional issues, but you've know this for years and are still in pain!  Can we help you?  Call for a FREE PHONE CONSULTATION!

Intensive Programming

An intensive program is designed to meet the needs of those individuals who feel that they could benefit from more than one hour per session.
An intensive program allows an individual to explore at a deeper level for a longer period of time.
An intensive program can include just your primary therapist or additional therapist with complementary training  (i.e.: acupuncturist, CranioSacral therapist, psychotherapist, Unifield therapist).
An intensive program may last a few hours for one day or the individual may chose 4-6 hours over a 3-5 day span.
An intensive program may include other family members
Individuals have touted intensives as “freeing, fulfilling, and transformational” leaving them with a sense of unity.
Highly conscious individuals reported gaining enormous insight to self and world and noted shifts immediately.
Intensives are fun, educational, influential and therapeutic!
An intensive can work on deep physical ailments. Other clients have opted for more intensive somoatic-emotional work.

Download our Intensive Programming flyer here


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