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What Is This Book About?

Do you feel like you are running around like crazy? Do you, as a parent, can’t seem to catch your breath? Do you ever worry you are passing on your bad habits and poor time management skills to your children? Do your children suffer because you don’t have time to make a deep lasting connection with them?

Mothering...Your Inner Connection: A Parental Guide to Intentional Living by Sharon K. Hepburn is a warm, humorous, and on-target self-help book. It gives practical advice for connecting to yourself and teaching your child how to do the same. It explores how mothers react in situations and ways to expand the response pattern. This book addresses many underlying childhood patterns and discusses dependable, scientifically proven strategies to help.

Mothering…Your Inner Connection: A Parental Guide for Intentional Living helps look at those harmful and hurtful patterns. The book gives practical, no nonsense advice on how to solve many of the problems, pains, and issues that arise in the daily life of child rearing as parents attempt to juggle careers, marriages, and social lives.

Here are just some of the topics discussed in this book while detailed solutions are offered.

+Practical Advice on how to stay Conscious and Connected throughout your parenting experience.

+Positive Parenting Tips on how to observe issue YOU have brought to the Parent-Child Relationship

+Positive Parenting Tips to help raise a Healthier, Happier Child

+Positive Parenting Tips for busy mothers with busy family lives

If we let them, children can be our greatest teachers. Read this book to learn to count the joys and blessings in your life and reflect on the lessons you have learned through your child. Then educate yourself on how these lessons affect you as a person and parent!

Sharon Hepburn started on the journey of writing Mothering…Your Inner Connection because she has been helping individuals in her private practice transform from personal tragedy. With over 20 years of experience, Sharon has recognized many of the underlying patterns and issues that are rooted in childhood. She has observed if a parent is “more connected” and more aware of her surroundings, the parent feels better and the child benefits.

At the end of this book, Sharon shares her own deeply personal childhood tragedy story. She lends an insider’s view of how she discovered the approach and tactics implemented to transcend her personal trauma. Sharon shares her story so others may benefit and become a better parents, or successful business owner, speaker, or author.


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