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Awesome Things People Say About Mothering…Your Inner Connection (Testimonials)

"This book provides no-nonsense and direct advice for parents. The 'secure your own mask first' approach to parenting ensures a healthy and solid foundation from which children can thrive. I recommend this for parents and educators who want to do a better job and are searching for connections."

~ Chris Nicastro, PhD (Commissioner of Education, State of Missouri)

“Sharon has a way of asking questions that gets to the heart of the matter. She is skilled, insightful, and caring. Sharon’s pearls of wisdom of how to connect to ourselves, each other, and the Divine in everyday life are exactly what every mother needs to read.”

-Lynda Rands (Professional Business/Life Coach)

"Insightful and heart-opening. I find healing for my own relationship with my mother as I reflect on Sharon's stories and exercises. Throughout the "Developing your Connection" exercises I am able to move to greater depths of self-love and acceptance of others. It is truly a Journey to embark on the self growth motivated by this wonderful book."

~ Cindy Goodnetter, A Gathering Place www.agatheringplace.com

"Sharon's insights are more than a blue print for effective parenting. They're principles which can be used as building blocks for taking control of our personal situations and our lives. She brings clarity to the role parents play and provides constructive education on how to communicate effectively."

~Jeanne Fryman

"If you are a parent or are still resolving challenges from your own childhood (which includes almost everyone), I strongly recommend you read this book. Through stories, wise commentary and compassionate exploration of issues, this book guides us with grace and humor through what it means to take responsibility for consciously raising our children (and healing our own inner child) and leaving the kind of legacy within our families (and our lives) that we truly desire.

As author of the book, Conquering Arthritis, I am well aware of the level of inner child healing that is often required to overcome arthritis. The author, Sharon Hepburn, is a master facilitator of inner healing. I have benefited tremendously from one on one healing work she has done with me. I recommend her book, Mothering: You Inner Connection, to anyone exploring what it means to become a better inner parent to yourself."

~Barbara Allan, Author, Conquering Arthritis



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