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Who The “Bleep” Is Sharon And Why In The World Did She Write This Book? (Biography)

While treating patients and during speaking engagements, Sharon Hepburn became aware that many stories of personal pain and extraordinary transformation have many of the same themes. With over 20 years of experience as a therapist, she noticed these themes and observed how individuals healed from them.

As a survivor of childhood molestation herself, Sharon watched others processes of healing occur. She has decided to bring those same stories and the associated time-tested wisdom to YOU in her first book, Mothering…Your Inner Connection.

The primary objective of this book is to encourage the reader to discover how best s/he can transform and empower themselves. This book then goes even further and urges parents, as they become more intentional in life, to teach their children how to become more mindful. It is with this intentional and mindful living that parents and children can transcend past hurts, engage in meaningful relationships, and live more meaningful lives.

In 1999 Sharon opened The Inner Connection, INC a clinic to help others advance on the journey through physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, just as she was healing from her own childhood trauma. The Inner Connection is based on the premises that everyone has the inherent ability to heal him or herself but at times, they need assistance and support. That is why having another person along in the journey (be it therapists, books, TV show gurus) can be transformational.

Sharon K. Hepburn was born in a western suburb of Cleveland, OH where she lived the first 18 years of her life with her parents and seven siblings. She moved to St. Louis, MO to attend St. Louis University and earned her BS in Physical Therapy. A few years later she married a man who was her best friend, Michael V. Hepburn. Currently, they live just in a beautiful suburb of St. Louis with their two children. She currently raises children, sees clients, is adjunct faculty at Washington University, and is a public speaker.


Website: www.theinnerconnection.net
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For interviews, public appearances, or speaking engagements feel free to contact Sharon K. Hepburn via email Sharon@theinnerconnection.net


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