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As a client who receives distant work quite regularly, I cannot emphasis enough how awesome this work is. I have been receiving regular Unifield Therapy remote healing and it has changed my life in positive ways. My relationships are more positive, my low back pain is gone, I feel more energetic and less depressed. These distant healings are done either over the phone, or if I'm too busy, we book a time for the session and I catch up with my therapist later on.

If you can't get in for bodywork either because of you schedule or because of distance between you and a good therapist, I truly recommend Sharon Hepburn as distance healer.

Michael Thurston
Aug 2009

As a licensed medical doctor for 40 years, I know how important taking care of your health is. With the rise of managed care and insurance not covering many procedures, it is of utmost importance that individuals take charge and implement proactive programs to maintain good health.

Sharon K. Hepburn, a PT and a Unifield Therapist, is a resource you and your friends should know about. Sharon is not only a competent general physical therapist but in addition, she has mastered the application of the special techniques of Unifield Therapy and CranioSacral Therapy. As a graduate of St. Louis University, Sharon has successfully [help facilitate] pain relief in hundreds of patients.

Striving to attain their individual goals, Sharon treats each of her patients with respect and dignity.

To be seen during an acute crisis or to attain and maintain health, Sharon K. Hepburn at the Inner Connection is the physical therapist I recommend.

Patricia A. Killeen, M.D.
July 30, 2009

Sharon is an asset to the alternative medical community. With her assistance, I have been able to remain working and functional after an injury. Sharon has the innate ability to understand what the typical medical community is either unable or unwilling to understand the connection between mind and body healing. She has been a wonderful positive influence in my total rehab and recovery.

Connie Mueller

My name is Michelle and I am going to tell you about my experience with UFT. In my late 20's I had a car accident that resulted in whiplash and back injury. I was an athlete in great shape when this happened. From the accident I had lower back and neck pain. I was unable to work out for several years because of it and gave up on being an athlete. Since then, I have seen every type of therapist for my back, migraine, neck etc. This includes chiropractor, acupuncture and massage. I am a regular once a month client. I was getting relief for about 3 weeks and then in pain again.

Then I met Sharon with a gift certificate. After one session I knew that I was doing something different. I don't know how to explain it, but I felt as if I had finally found what my body was looking for. About the 4th session I also found my back pain was gone. It didn't just feel good it didn't hurt at all. I also could go into details of my mental state. It felt good too. I was so impressed by how I felt I needed to know how she did it. I have had this pain most of my adult life! After a year of working with her I even went to a class to learn more. I have been a client of Sharon's 4 years. I will always be a UFT client of Sharon's as long as I can. My life has been given back to me. Or shall I say my body and mind. Open your mind and your body and receive awesome results.

Michelle Abernathy, soon to be 40

I Feel grateful to have the opportunity to work with Sharon Hepburn in my journey of healing. Her intuitive understanding of the interplay between emotions and energy and the way they affect our physical body, allows her to hold a safe, healing space as she gently guides the tissues to release long held dysfunctional patterns. It is like a process of unwinding a twisted rubber-band that has been pulling bones and joints away from their normal positions. I have found that the more willing I am to alter my perspective and release emotional patterns that no longer serve me, the greater the healing effect on my body. Sharon listens patiently, both to the words I say and to those I cannot; and without judging me, she respectfully and honestly encourages me to widen my perspective lens, be present in my body and take part in my healing. It is rare to come across a physical therapist who knows just how much force to use without engaging the body's natural resistance. She has a worthy gift, a kind heart to match and I would recommend her services to anyone.

Sincerely, Laura Taylor

Working with Sharon Hepburn at The Inner Connection has been a wonderful experience towards restoring my health and inner balance for life's stresses. She utilizes a unique approach to physical therapy that connects the physiology with the emotional and even spiritual to provide a relaxing and helpful outcome that helps in the healing process. She is very professional and attentive to the specific needs of her clients. I would highly recommend The Inner Connection for the patient that appreciates the combination of physical therapy with relaxation and a therapist that cares for her clients' well being.

Sincerely, Scott Wadlington

I have been receiving therapy for 10 years and all the originals aches and pains I initially had, I no longer have or complain about. Emotionally, I feel calmer and more connected to myself. Physically, all my MD's and friends can not believe that
I am not on any arthritis medicine at my age and I don't complain of aches or discomfort like my friends do. I attribute it to a lot of things, especially my treatments with Sharon. She is the best and I recommend anyone who will listen to invest in her treatment!

Virginia Cook, 72 years old

"To say that most people find UFT training different and challenging would be an understatement.  Founded in truly unique material, Unifield Therapy training can easily rock the foundation of the most highly educated therapists.  Few have had the fortitude to transcend the boundaries of their existing therapeutic models to embrace consciousness work that is UFT.  Sharon H. is one of the elite few that have successfully risen to the challenge.  Her commitment to the work, its application and her clients is truly remarkable." 

Michael N. Linkogel, Unifield Therapy Instructor

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