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Visceral Manipulation in St. Louis

  Visceral Manipulation is often used during a CranioSacral Treatment and can be employed during a Unifield Therapy Session.
  Visceral Manipulation is a hands on therapy developed by an Osteopath Jean-Pierre Barrel to address restriction and tone in and around the organs (viscera).
  Practitioners, such as Sharon Hepburn, PT/Unifield Therapist, have been trained to asses mobility, tone, and motion of the organs (viscera) and the connective tissue.
  Using the body's own rhythm, the organs (viscera) are encouraged to address "abnormal" relationships within the system.
  Patients have reported that they have noted improve function of individual organs, organ function, and general well-being.
  Sharon Hepburn, owner of The Inner Connection, INC, has been trained in Visceral Manipulation and incorporates it as needed into a treatment session.


The Inner Connection and Sharon Hepburn specializing in Unifield Therapy
as she employs it to transcend CranioSacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Energy Work, Physical Therapy, in St. Louis MO

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