Making a Twenty Year Marriage Work

Oh My Goodness; Twenty Years of Marriage


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I wrote in my last post, my husband and I will be celebrating our 20 year wedding anniversary later this year.  After writing that, I thought, “Hey that would be an awesome blog:  How to make a twenty-year marriage work.

Now, don’t get me wrong, a twenty years marriage  isn’t always peaches and cream.  As with any healthy relationship, there are wonderful moments and difficult times.  The difficulties gives us the opportunity to work on ourselves and the wonderful times give us a chance to enjoy the improvements  in our character we have made.

In this post, I was going to pontificate on all the wonderful things I did the past 20 years of marriage. How kind and compassionate I am, how open and caring I am, and obviously, let us not forget my biggest asset:  humility.

I know my readers have these positive attributes as well, so instead I thought I would share the wonderful aspects my husband has brought to the marriage.  If he didn’t actually walk into his wonderful life with me with all these aspects; he learned them during those difficult times.  Today, I reap the benefits of all of his awesomeness!

How to Make a Twenty-Year Marriage Work

My husband can forgive.  I have to tell you, his black Lincoln Towncar is his pride and joy.  One day (OK twice), I rushed out of the drive, slammed into his baby (car) doing some major damage.  The last time, even though he was upset he still went out and brought me my morning latte.  Upset yes, but he didn’t punish me!

That story also illustrates compassion.  My man doesn’t like to see anyone in distress or hurting.  He will do whatever he can in his power to make his part of the world “right.”  Even though he was upset about the car, he couldn’t stand my tears of regret!

A sense of family is a big deal to both of us.  When my hubby’s grandma was ill, he asked me if we could take a turn in the rotation of spending nights with her.  Of course, that was no big deal.  When my mom became ill, my kind, gentle-hearted man, made sure the kid duties where covered and got me to the airport numerous times so I could fly out to be with her.

His sense of family goes beyond dying parents.  His smile and laughter light up the room as he spends time with our children.  Watching them cuddle, laugh, and talk about life makes my heart grin with joy.


Twenty Years ago

One thing that irritates the heck out of me but benefits the relationship is his pragmatism.  He knows me well and he loves me dearly but never fails to question my objectives, goals, and plans for achievement.  He does this to help me make a solid plan with attainable goals.

Enjoying My Twenty Year Marriage

We all know life doesn’t always seem to be peaches and cream.  Nevertheless, as I get older, I realize forgiveness, compassion, love, and family are what are important.  I thank my husband of twenty years for helping me live it!  I wonder what we’ll be like twenty years from now

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  • EatingLocalintheLou

    What a terrific look into your hubby’s heart. It makes me like him even more after reading this. Happy 20th to you a few months early!